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As the world awakens to the possibilities of and the desperate need for renewable energy sources, provided by AI and safe, practical, and cost-effective manufacturing processes, TMG-Talent steps forward to fill the void in talent recruiting in the United States.

The reality in these industries – renewable energy manufacturing and the development of AI resources – is that there is currently a talent gap that needs to be filled for these sectors to continue to operate at the highest possible level and move industry development forward at the fast pace that is needed. It can be a struggle to attract the kind of talent that your firm needs, but that struggle doesn’t have to continue. TMG-Talent can step in to assist your company with finding the right people to fill important positions. Learn More

Why is there a talent gap?

The world moves quickly and the demand for a refined set of skills to manage and push forward the development of clean energy and responsible, effective manufacturing processes is a wide one. AI is fast becoming a fixture not only in commercial sectors but also in the daily lives of many individuals- the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. So why does this gap exist?

The need for niche skills emerges rapidly, and quick changes are required to keep up with the pace. Solar, geothermal, wind, and bioenergy spheres. The manufacturing of automotive parts for a changing transport industry, the management of metals, and petrochemical production while the planet changes lanes. All of these are niche skills that have only existed for a handful of years, relatively speaking.

Developing training programs in these fields requires extensive expertise that very few providers have due to the incredible speed of industry changes.

The competition in the energy industry is fierce, and there are a lot of places where talented individuals can find employment. What that means for the companies who miss their chance is a knowledge and talent gap that needs filling. Learn about TMG Recruiting.

How can TMG-Talent help?

When it comes to talent, TMG knows how to balance the process. We operate with four pillars in mind:

  1. Talent Recruiting: Enterprise/Technical Sales and Executive Leadership positions.
  2. Manufacturing Skills Training: Over 1,000 online classes, on-premise instructor-led, custom training, assessments, and certifications.
  3. Engineering CAD/PLM/MSV Training: Over 1,500 online classes, on-premise instructor-led, custom training, assessments, and engineering skills training.
  4. Virtual Reality Toolkit: Custom and growing catalog of standardized content offerings.

We can recruit, train, and provide the necessary leadership skills to highly skilled professionals seeking the right match for their talents as well as help with onboarding and integrating these fresh talents into your organization.

Finding the right fit

Finding the right fit and moving forward in fast-growing industries doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our consultations are free, so call (248) 303-7848 and schedule a conversation with one of our consultants today.

Our business is talent – manufacturing/ engineering training and recruiting services that make dollars and sense. Let us take over the hard part. Let TMG-Talent work for you. Email

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