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You landed here while you were researching the top retained executive search firms for a reason, otherwise you would simply hire a contingent search firm and hope they give you enough dedicated time to make your executive search successful.

Retained executive search services has its place within the search market, and those reasons typically are: absolute discreetness, time sensitivity, or the strong desire to make a top 5% hire.

Contingent recruiting works well for many situations but considering the 3 factors listed above, either by a single one or a mix of, your company needs a top retained search firm. You’re also seeking out a boutique headhunter for reasons such as:

Why Partner With the TMG-Talent Corporation Retained Search

  • Retaining the top 1% of Executive Search Consultants
  • High touch, white glove process
  • Access to our deep, national executive relationships
  • Non-stop customer service around the clock
  • In-house research team to drive candidate flow

Not only will you have the team that built the TMG-Talent Portfolio of Companies from scratch consulting on your search project, you also get access to talent from our national career service companies.

Every executive search consultant will talk about their database and rolodex, but those are all worthless without having close relationships. After succeeding in this industry for more than a decade and being apart of a portfolio of recruiting and career service companies, our relationships extend far beyond many of our competitors.

Fact: Contingent recruiters can juggle as many as 15 different searches at once where as retained executive recruiters often only handle 1 or 2 searches concurrently along with the strong backing of an in-house research team.

When Do You Use Retained Services?

  • Time is a factor and you need to make a hire ASAP
  • The Board, PE Firm or Family requires no insider hires
  • Making a strategic hire in finance, engineering or technology
  • Discreet replacement of incumbent executives and professionals
  • Succession Planning + Retained Search to maintain investor confidence
  • When you need to make a top 5% hire with no sacrifices

Who Hires the TMG-Talent Corporation?

The companies retaining our services range from Fortune 500’s to smaller, family owned businesses. When hiring a firm for a critical search, companies of all sizes come to TMG-Talent simply based on our reputation.

You may be a Fortune 100 that is in need of a new supply chain executive in Atlanta  or a smaller family owned business in Chicago that needs to make a few key hires to expand the business when the family doesn’t want to follow in the founders foot steps.

Our customer base of search clients spans across nearly every industry and sector. When you can’t afford to make a bad hire, retaining our search services can greatly improve your chances of success.

Discreet Retained Executive Search

When no one else can know, how do you execute a discreet search?

Discreet Senior-Level and C-Suite assignments are typically the most interesting and complex retained executive searches. Executives and board members from around the world have trusted TMG Talent to execute retainer based executive search projects in complete confidentiality.

Special measures are taken to ensure information is well protected within our executive search group. This is the time for a retained search where you want to partner with a single trusted advisor rather than have contingent recruiters blasting your information all over the internet.

When retaining the TMG-Talent Corporation for discreet search services, the only time the public is going to know about your new executive is when your press release hits the wire.

  • Incumbent Replacement
  • Niche Industry Awareness
  • Defense | Top Secret
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Turnaround Scenarios
  • Interim Executives
  • Startup and Rapid Growth

What Is It Like Working On A Retainer?

Imagine your search firm having a sense of urgency. A firm that puts your needs first.  Is on call for you around the clock. A company that has executive search consultants and a team of researchers that are compiling lists of all of the top talent in the industry.

No settling. A complete, cradle-to-grave recruiting solution without compromise. That is what it is like when you hire TMG-Talent as your key retained executive search firm.

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