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Every now and then a company needs an interim executive. It happens to every company at some point. Someone gets ill, abruptly quits, or even things as crazy as an executive committing fraud forces you to remove them from their seat leaving a hole at the top of your company.

You don’t want to overreact, you may have to wait until your next board meeting or have a conference with the family ownership or private equity firm before you execute a full search.

But in the meantime, you need someone

This is where you hire a search firm on a flat fee basis to find you someone to fill the shoes until you can get everything signed off with the decision makers. You cannot go to a low-level staffing firm to do this, you need a full-blown executive search firm that knows the market and understands your situation, along with a firm that can act with a sense of urgency.

Most companies are driven from the top down so missing someone at the top can be detrimental. When it’s time to find an interim executive, contact TMG-Talent Corporation.

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