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When searching for industrial executive search firms, you will begin to find out that only a handful still specialize in industrial executive recruiting. As industry needs have changed, many search firms have jumped on the emerging technology bandwagon or into other markets that happen to be booming at this point in time. TMG-Talent’s Executive Search, and our industrial executive search consultants on the other hand, has stayed true to our roots of being a manufacturing and industrial search firm for more than 15 years.

“Growing up in the Midwest you know that red smoke from a factory chimney is iron oxide”

Just as you know yellow smoke is sulfur and flames from a smoke stack is often a way of emissions control. It was a part of our lives and upbringing, where our families work. When selecting an industrial executive search firm you don’t want someone that just says it’s what they do, you need a firm that has a strong personal and professional history of understanding your sector, your culture and your business. 

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Retiring baby boomers have created an unprecedented brain drain resulting in a nationwide seismic shift when actively recruiting Top 5% Talent

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