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Renewable Energy Companies

Buzzwords like “renewable energy” and “carbon capture” are appearing in a lot of articles, media, and even casual conversation these days. The industry that has grown up around these topics is one that needs the best possible talent with the help of their efforts to change the world. If you find yourself on the hiring or the job-seeking ends of this industry, we can help you navigate those choppy waters.

Understanding Renewable Energy and Carbon Capture

These terms that are at the forefront of the race to save our planet from the effects of global warming are ones that everyone should be able to understand. Though the science backing the creation of these processes is complex and intricate, it’s easy enough to understand how they work together to improve our home. Renewable energy comes to our aid from natural and inexhaustible sources like wind, solar or geothermal energy, biomass, or hydropower. Carbon capture works alongside renewable energy to capture and retain the overabundance of carbon already in existence in our atmosphere to mitigate its damaging effects. These two sectors are leading the charge against global warming and are always searching for the next great mind or great talent to help propel them further.


Industry Trends

The US industry is setting records, and industry trends indicate that this is set to continue for some time. Now that solar and wind are fast becoming the preferred alternatives to coal and natural gas, we’re seeing real change. Last year, almost a quarter of the energy demand in the US was supplied by renewable sources. Wind energy has seen some setbacks, most notably the issues caused by labor and capital costs as well as transmission limitations and extreme permitting delays. Thankfully, supply chain constraints have begun to ease up thanks to the historic passing of climate and clean energy laws.

In the US, large-scale solar additions far outstripped other energy sources for the first eight months of 2023. Small sale solar also saw a leap, which is an impressive indicator of things to come.


How We Can Help You

TMG-Talent provides a wide range of services. If you need assistance in any of the following ways, we can help.

Recruiting. TMG-Talent can help you fill vacant positions with expert employees in the renewable energy, manufacturing, engineering, and industrial sectors. We know that the process can sometimes be a long and complicated one, so we’re here for you every step of the way. We are a global executive search firm that assists in finding high-level, competent employees for your company. TMG-Talent is rated as one of the top retained executive search firms. We offer contingency recruiting, and a very discreet executive and interim executive search process. Learn more >

Training. We train tomorrow’s leadership staff to an incredibly high level in manufacturing, engineering, and virtual reality processes. Learn more >


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