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Renewable energy and carbon capture are two of the most vital processes in the fight against global warming. Locating and placing talented individuals who operate within those sectors is our mission, because, without talent and leadership, we can not win. TMG-Talent specializes in filling Operations and Technical Leadership positions which can be used to affect genuine change and improvement in the fight against climate change. 


Carbon Capture and Renewable Energy Trends

The carbon capture and storage market is expected to grow significantly between 2024 and 2032 thanks to the increasing demand for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), industrial, agricultural, and other factors. Direct air capture will grow quickly, as seen already this year, with legislation like the IRA and the BIL opening up the industry significantly. Massive demand for new carbon solutions is coming from countries like South Korea and Japan, as well as from countries like Denmark, which have set very high climate expectations for themselves.

Renewable energy is welcoming regulatory boosts. Historically high levels of investment in renewables like solar and storage deployments are streaking ahead. Clean hydrogen is becoming a reality, and offshore wind is coming along, though it is facing difficulties. Re-training a workforce with the right skills for improving trends is a necessary task, though a challenging one, given the speed of industry growth and current reliance on AI. Geothermal and renewable natural gas may still enhance renewable portfolios in 2024.

To manage these trends and drive them forward to real results, the best talent in the industry needs to be connected with the right placement. Helping companies and employees find their perfect match in this sector is not only changing lives in terms of employment compatibility but also shaping the fight against climate change. TMG can help.


Connecting Talent with TMG

Training is part of what we do here. Manufacturing, engineering, and VR all have their part to play in the carbon capture and renewable energy sector and we can help your staff upskill to meet demands.

When it comes to connecting your enterprise with talent, we have a lot to offer.


  • Retained executive search firm. We retain the top 1% of Executive Search Consultants and have a high-touch, white-glove process. You’ll get access to our deep, national executive relationships and non-stop customer service around the clock.

  • Contingency recruiting search firm. TMG-Talent has spent more than a decade negotiating employment contracts, comforting candidates during relocation conversations, and navigating compensation packages with outstanding results. 

  • Discreet executive search. Want to keep your search effective but private? We ensure that special measures are taken to ensure information is well protected within our executive search group.

  • Interim executive search. This is where you hire a search firm on a flat fee basis to find you someone to fill the shoes until you can get everything signed off with the decision-makers. A full-blown executive search firm that knows the market and understands your situation, and can act with a sense of urgency.


Turn to TMG-Talent

Talent-based solutions are what we do. TMG’s knowledge and service capabilities and access to our industry experts will help you fill challenging tech or leadership positions, invest in your leaders through business coaching solutions, and improve your manufacturing and engineering skills training immeasurably.

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